The Black Summerberry - blackcurrant crosswise

In Siii aroma water with blackcurrant flavor, aromas from natural blackcurrants are used - which gives a slightly sweet and natural blackcurrant flavor.

Blackcurrant is a shrub up to 2 meters tall that is commonly grown in gardens for its berries. The shrub is also found wild in forests and fences on nutrient-rich and moist soils. Blackcurrants etymologically have nothing to do with sun; the first part may come from a word meaning 'dirty' or 'black'.

99,9% of Americans have never tasted a blackcurrant?

The blackcurrant, a small, sour berry that, when added with sugar, can be made into jams, sauces, syrups, fruit drinks and purple candies. It is popular throughout Europe. But most Americans have a hard time describing its taste.

However, this has not always been the case. In the late 1800s, American farmers cultivated about 7.400 acres of black currants, gooseberries, and white currants, collectively known as Ribes species. But then the accident hit!
It was discovered that blackcurrants spread a fungus, introduced from Europe in the 19th century that killed white pine trees, the very foundation of the nation's wood industry. The federal government took massive action: it banned the commercial growth of black currants in the early 1900s and funded a program to eradicate all Ribes plants!

Crews equipped with backpacks with chemical spray spread all over the country. When field after field of Ribes was destroyed, the American consumer's memory of the deep purple fruit was also virtually erased.

The herb that tastes of black currants

There are countless herbs that taste of everything from cola to licorice! And did you know that there is also a herb that tastes of black currants? The plant can

become 30-60 cm tall, is called "Blackcurrant sage" and its leaves both smell and taste of black currants.

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And should you be lucky enough to get your fingers in this exciting herb - you can appropriately pair it with a bottle of nicely chilled Siii ... the one with black currants of course!