Siii Nature's Fruit Aroma

Today, consumers as well as the food industry are seeing a rapidly growing interest in healthier foods. The demand for products with a lower sugar content is a challenge for producers of beverages with flavors that traditionally have a high sugar content.  

Consumers say stop

However, as the majority of producers have solved this by replacing sugar partly or completely with processed or artificial sweeteners, consumers have begun to oppose this.

An additional challenge for manufacturers is that while consumers do not want to compromise when it comes to taste, they are also increasingly looking for products that contain natural ingredients, free from e-numbers and artificial additives.

What is it the aroma can do?

The use of naturally occurring aroma in Siii is a way to completely eliminate the content of sugar and at the same time enable the fantastic natural taste of the individual fruit variety. There is no hocus pocus - that is the essence of the fruit. That Siii is also a natural product is just a huge bonus for your body.

Natural aroma is from NATURE naturlig, being a direct extract from the fruit itself. This is the reason for the lightness and pureness of the taste - and the reason why Siii also won the international "Best Flavoured Drink" award at IWA in 2019.